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Jayeshbhai Sheth is an enlightened Soul and Chartered Accountant by profession. He has shown easy and simple way to attain self-realization for the welfare of the mankind out of compassion which is based on the tenets of the universal truth after his years of studying scriptures canonical literature, contemplating on the same, pondering, meditating, experiencing the truth and putting all these into practice. He has made a transcendent effort to elucidate/explicate how every living being of the world can become happy by presenting to us convincingly the eternal truths=tenets in a very simple, succinct and easy language.

He had an urge for the truth since early young age for which he studied many religions of the world and after studying Jainism, without joining any sect or Guru, he got the truth and experienced (self realisation) the same in 1999 at the age of 38. Thereafter while repeatedly studying canonical literatures of Jainism he is experiencing the Self (Truth/pure Soul) time and again. He has shared the way to attain the self realisation and the canons-tenets of universal truth in his books for the welfare of the world.

His principles are- all that is good is mine, all that is right is mine and not other way round that- all that is mine is good, all that is mine is right. He has no insistence of any particular belief-path-religious sect-individuals etc. but only Truth since beginning. He is purely a spiritualist and so he does not have any obstinacy, opinionative, perverseness, stubbornness, bias, aspectivism or prejudice regarding any belief-path-religious sect-personality cult, etc.

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